South Orlando Kiwanis Club


Q:  Where do you meet?  A:  We meet three times a month at our clubhouse at 1940 Conway Gardens Road in Orlando.  One social meeting a month is off site, currently taking place at the Wing Shack sports bar on Conway Road in Orlando.

Q:  When do you meet?  A:  On the first and third Wednesday of the month, we meet at noon at the clubhouse.  Lunch is provided (at a cost of $5.00).  On the second Wednesday, we meet at the clubhouse at 6:30 p.m. for our board meeting.  On the fourth Wednesday, we meet at the Wing Shack or another location at 6:30 p.m.

Q:  What does it cost?  A:  For a new member, there is a one time $50.00 fee.  This gets the member enrolled in the Kiwanis International rolls, and the new member begins to receive the Kiwanis magazine and other information.  Our dues are $50.00 per quarter, to defray club expenses and activities, and our lunches are $5.00.

Q:  Who do you support?  A:  Kiwanis International is committed to supporting communities, with a special focus on helping children.  Our club helps underprivileged children in a variety of ways, from providing scholarships to high school students meeting certain criteria, to providing bicycles for underprivileged children at Christmas, and through ongoing support of the Key Club at Boone High School.  We consider all requests for services within our community, and as man-hours and money permits, we help with a variety of needs that arise, primarily in the Conway and South Orlando area.  Other Kiwanis Clubs based around Central Florida do the same in their areas.

Q:  What are your major projects?  We hold a Bunco Bash in the Fall as a fundraiser.  We also do a turkey smoke at Thanksgiving time.  Our Bike Build is right before Christmas.  We have an annual golf tournament in April.  We hold a barbecue and auction as a fundraiser, though the time of year fluctuates. For information about the activities of Kiwanis Clubs throughout Florida, visit

Q:  Is Kiwanis open to everyone?  A:  Yes, we do not discriminate on any basis.  We do seek members of good moral character.  We are a spiritual and patriotic organization.  We honor our military, law enforcement, and other first responders.  We say the Pledge of Allegiance and give a blessing or invocation at the beginning of every meeting.  A person who finds such things objectionable would not be comfortable in our club.  Also, because we interact with children through schools and other organizations, our members are subject to background checks from time to time.

Q:  Do you have an attendance requirement?  A:  Not really.  Kiwanis recognizes perfect attendance.  But if a person wanted to support our club through paying dues, but not attending meetings or events, that would be fine.  The truth is that that person would be missing out on a rewarding, fun experience, giving back to the community side by side with some of the best people he or she could ever hope to meet. So as a practical matter, all of our members participate by attendance consistent with job constraints, and by helping with our service projects.