South Orlando Kiwanis Club

Kiwanis Club of South Orlando Annual Turkey Smoke

November 20th Tuesday 

Open at 7:00 am to receive items to be smoked.  All items MUST BE THAWED!  $10 per item tickets are available at the check-in table.   Close at 5:00 pm for pick up and/or drop off of items.

November 21st  Wednesday

 Open at 7:00 am to receive THAWED items for smoking.  (Did we say items must be thawed?)   


Close for pick up of items at 5:00 p.m.

We know some people don't want to have to buy and drop off a raw turkey or pork roast.   For these people, tickets for smoked turkeys are available for sale Saturday November 10th and Saturday November 17th,   9:00 am to 12 noon  in front of Daybreak Diner (Curry Ford Rd)  and/or Ace Hardware (Conway Shopping Plaza).  $30 for small turkey (10-12 lbs)   $40 for large turkey (15-18 lbs)  Turkey will be smoked, wrapped in foil and plastic and refrigerated.  Re heat instructions will be included.  Pre-smoked turkeys can be picked up either Tuesday or Wednesday 7:00 am-5:00 pm.  

KCSO will smoke your unstuffed, thawed turkey, turkey breast, fresh picnic ham, Boston butt, ribs (one large rack equals one item) goat, salmon on plank (you provide plank)   Smaller items ie: chicken, duck, goose are not suitable for large smokers. 
Items can remain in original package or can be seasoned to your taste.  Smoking has it's own unique flavor and most prefer not to add additional seasoning.  

Once your item is off the smoker, you will be called and can come pick up wrapped and  "hot off the grill" or it will be wrapped and refrigerated until you come pick up item.  All items are tagged with stainless steel tags that follow through from check in table, prep table, smoker, wrap table and then into a box with same number marked, so that you get your own item back.

We thank you for your participation in this annual event which helps raise funds to support our charity work with children in the South Orlando area.  For more information call Sid Tally at 407 721 8707   or Louanne Fussell  407 832 1779