Kiwanis Club of South Orlando
Great South Auction & Bar-B-Que Dinner

Good 'Que . . . 'Nuff Said!


Our Trusty BBQ Smokers Are Ready To Go!

Gotta' Get'em Seasoned Just Right . . .

. . . With A Little Help From Our Friends!

Ol'Harv Offers A Bit Of BBQ Culinary Advice!

South Orlando Kiwanis BBQ At It's Best!

Micah Gets The REAL Work Done!

Jake Cuts & Inspects Every Rib Served!

(Hint: Be friends with Jake 'cause the rejects are pretty tasty too!)

Good BBQ Brings A Smile To Most Everyone!

Friends & Neighbors Enjoy Dinner On The Kiwanis Clubhouse Lawn!

The Sheriff Even Brought Some Horses!

Joe & Art Engage In A Typical Conversation!

Making Sure Some Of The Auction Items Are Top Quality!

Auction Time Inside The Kiwanis Clubhouse!

Non-Stop Bargains From Our Auctioneer Jerry!

Intense Bidders Ready To Strike A Deal!

A very special THANK YOU for all of our
members, volunteers, friends, & neighbors who
make our Great South Auction & BBQ an annual success!